Big Dog Entertainment

Q: Do you charge for setup?

A: No. We setup and teardown on our own time. We only charge for performance time.

Q: Are you the DJ at every event?
A: Yes! You book with me, I answer your questions, you plan with me and I perform your event. Just one show per day. We don't have multiple systems out on the same day so no surprises on who will be your entertainer.
Q: How long is a typical reception?
A: 5-6 hours is typical. That includes enough space for cocktail time, dinner, cake cutting, toasts, first dances and some family/friends fun time on the dance floor. Less than 5 hrs. you will feel rushed. More than 6 hrs. and you'll likely be buying time you wont use. Plus if your party is going strong, you can always add more time at the event. Some clients will make a day of it though with an extended cocktail time to give your guests a place to go in between locations. Also if we're asked to do the ceremony and reception the time gets long and can be unpredictable.  Therefore we also offer an unlimited package so there is no guessing on time. I'm there from start till finish.

Q: Do you need help lifting?
A: No, I mean “No Thanks”… J The equipment is really heavy and it all has to be put away just right. My back doesn’t agree with me but I got this. We appreciate the offers though.

Q: Do you work with the other vendors? Like the photographer and catering company?
A: Yes. I like to work close to be sure the event flows from one event to the other. I also work with them to be sure I do everything I can to help them be successful. We all want your day to be perfect.
Q: How long have you been a DJ?
A: Since 2000, so 15 + years. Before that I was a Drummer in several regional bands and a music major during college.

Q: How many songs do you have?
A: THOUSANDS!!  They are loaded on the hard drive at every event and on the backup laptop. Songs cover all styles, tempos and genres.
Q: What kind of music do you play?
A: All kinds – at least when it comes to mainstream music. We don’t stray too far to any hard direction unless the person paying us wants us too. We’re there to make everyone happy. We play all tempos fast and slow. You’ll hear Jazz, Rock, Country, Oldies, Top 40, R&B plus all those fun line dances.

Q: Can you play Spanish-Latino music?
A: Yes, I can but I'll need your help to be sure I have what your looking for. I have a lot already but with your help, you can go into the on-line music request and pick out a bunch of favorites.

Q: Do you speak Spanish?
A: Sorry, I do not. But I'll bet there is one of your guests that might want to sit close and help me translate if it's a concern?

Q: What do you wear?
A: We dress in business attire at most weddings. That’s dress shoes, dress slacks and either a button up or polo type shirt.

Q: Why did all those cool videos stop?

A: The tools I used to create them got to be very expensive. License fees went up. I basically just did them for fun so maybe someday I'll do it again.
Q: Do you travel?
A: Yes, there is a small fee to cover the expense of fuel plus the extra drive time to and from. Mileage only kicks in after a specific distance is meet. The Quote Generator on this site will figure that for you.

 Q: Do you have a photo booth?
A: No, sorry. It’s being considered but not at this time. We’ve decided to focus on the entertainment and leave the booth to someone else.
Q: Do you have “Up lighting”?
A: Yes. We’re still building our inventory and are now up to 10 x LED fixtures. Our goal is 20 + lights and we'll have them by Spring of 2016. They are expensive so it takes a little time. We set them up and charge per light. Be sure to ask about it at the time of booking.

 Q: Do you have extra equipment to do our ceremony outside?
A: Yes. We provide the sound equipment, a source to play your music and wireless mics for the vows. Be sure to ask about this when you book.

 Q: What happens if your equipment fails?
A: We go to the trailer or reach in the case and pull out a replacement. We always carry backup equipment to make sure the show goes on.
Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes, they are done online. We use “PayPal” to process our merchant account. We accept all major cards.
Q: Who did your web site?
A: I did…  I hope you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions and we encourage you to ask as many as you like.  Here are some of the more common ones though to help you understand us a little more.